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Dominate Spotify playlists without bots.

Do what you love and focus on your music, we'll do the rest. At YouGrow, we help you get heard without the use of bots. We use 100% real organically grown playlists that offer results.

All of our services strictly adhere to their respective platform's Terms of Service and User Agreement. 

The #1 Spotify growth service that delivers.

If you want real people to listen your music on repeat - keep reading.

Spotify Experts

We live and breathe Spotify. We know how it works and how you can grow on it.

Established Team

We are a team of experienced experts that know the Spotify algorithm inside out to deliver results.


With over 3,000 artists under our belt, be assured that we can help you grow, too!

Stars Work With Us

Akon, Nicky Romero, Becky G, Hardwell... World-class superstars trust YouGrow.

Zero-Bot Tolerance

Unlike 99% of all services out there, we use absolutely zero bots to grow your fanbase.

Playlist Domination

We get you in the hottest playlists of your genre. Get ready to be heard.

Save Time

Don't worry about promotion. Focus on what you love: creating more music. We'll do the rest.

Zero risk

If we can't deliver results for your genre, you get your money back.


Happy Clients

Trusted by 1500+ happy musicians and artists that we've helped grow. Are you next?

Find the right package for you.

Get ready to take Spotify by storm.

This service 100% adheres to Spotify’s Terms of Service and User Agreement.


The perfect package to get your toes wet. Dive into Spotify.  
2-6K organic streams guaranteed
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication

Rising Artist

Most popular
It's time to step up as a Rising Artist!
10-22K organic streams guaranteed 
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication


So you are serious? The right package for the ambitious artist.
35-65K organic streams guaranteed
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication


Let's aim for the charts with our Megastar package!
65-100K organic streams guaranteed 
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication

Zero risk: All packages come with a 100% refund guarantee in case we can't get enough streams for your genre.

100% real TrustPilot reviews from artists who bought our Spotify growth service:


"Very reliable and good service!! With yougrowpromo.com I get the organic growth I am looking for. They really take care to get you placed in spotify playlists that fit to your song."


"Spotify stats showed a natural and organic result (all over the world, gradual increase, few skips). If they think a track or genre can't be properly promoted by them, they will issue a full refund."

Dave Rose

"The only ORGANIC Spotify promotion I found on the internet to be honest! Highly recommended!!!"


"What can i say? Probably the best team out here [for Spotify promotion]. No fake streams no fake boost to cheat your money!"

Michael Cullen III

"After going to you grow promo i wont be going to any other site again for my spotify needs, same with youtube!"

Peter Romano

"YouGrowPromo is an awesome service to use if you're trying to get real results on your tracks for Spotify."


I've ordered, what now?

Thank you for ordering! A campaign manager is going to listen to your song and reach out. We will then begin with pitching your song and once the placements come back, we will send you the playlists. Making the placements can take anything from a few days to a week as we strive to find the best playlist for your song. So please bear with us!

How long will my campaign last?

The exact time of the campaign is up to the curator of the playlist, however usually a campaign lasts between 2 and 4 weeks.

How di I get my music on Spotify, YouTube and TikTok?

In order to get your music on Spotify, YouTube, TikTok and more you have to do it through IndieMassive

Why was my song refunded?

If for some reason we can’t find the right fit for your song then we’ll provide a full refund.

How do I see growth from a campaign?

To view how many streams your song has generated in each playlist you can visit your Spotify Artist account. 

How do I access my Spotify for Artists stats?

When you open your Spotify for Artists account, you click on the name of the track that you are promoting with us. You will then see 2 options, the first one is Stats and the second one is Playlists. You should select the Playlists segment and after you scroll down you'll see a box where you can select 4 options - since 2015, last 28 days, last 7 days and last 24 hours, which will show you how many streams your track has received from various lists during the identified amount of time. Please select ‘Since 2015’ to let us view the performance of your track on our curators playlists. 

Why was I taken out of a playlist?

At YouGrow we make promotional campaigns - this means your song is placed in active playlists for an amount of time based on the curator that placed the song, and the package that you purchased. The curator will remove the song at a certain point based on this.

My song is not getting enough streams.

If your song is not getting enough streams please send the campaign manager an email with a screenshot of your Spotify for Artists stats and we will do our best to fix this issue.

The playlist that I was placed in is not specific to the genre of my song.

Sometimes your song might be placed in a playlist that contains multiple genres of music. Under such circumstances, your song is placed according to the style of music that we believe would be appropriate for the said list. For example, a radio playlist may include Pop, Country and Indie genres.

Some of the playlists you sent are not as active as I’d like them to be.

Some playlists are simply more active than others and the activity of these playlists is always fluctuating. However you can be certain that you will get the number of streams that you ordered from these placements combined.

Can you target a specific audience?

Unfortunately we cannot target a specific audience for your song, as at YouGrow we pitch according to genre or style of music, and Spotify are very limited to the data they provide to playlist curators.

Is your service legit?

YouGrow is dedicated to nurturing real fan engagement. Delivering legitimate streams is very important to us.  We have a big network of curators to whom we tailor your music depending on the genre or style, and with whom we keep constant communication. Therefore we can make sure that your song is placed in relevant playlists and the playlists have a real following.


Get in the hottest playlists on Spotify.

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+31 6 18645554

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