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Do what you love and focus on your music, we'll do the rest. At YouGrow, we help you get heard without the use of bots. We use 100% real organically grown playlists that offer results.



2k - 6k

Organic streams average campaign results

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Rising artist


10k - 22k

Organic streams average campaign results

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30k - 50k

Organic streams average campaign result

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65k - 100k

Organic streams average campaign results

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1k - 3k streams

What do we mean with average campaign results?

Average campaign Results

Most of our clients will receive results within this streaming range, and that we'll make sure your song won't just be placed in an inactive list. The curators that we pitch to all have active lists and we can predict how many streams a song may gain when we land a placement. The reason we use a range is because lists fluctuate in activity due to many factors out of the curators hands. Everything we do is legitimate and falls into Spotify's Terms of Service. Did your campaign not reach the average campaign result? Don't hesitate to reach out to your campaign manager and we'll keep working on your campaign for you. This is our promise to you to ensure you'll get great results.

Phase 1

Placing your order

Your order has been placed and a campaign manager is being selected to help you with your campaign. The progress of your campaign can be tracked in your order dashboard.

1-2 business days

On average

Phase 2

The pitching process

The campaign manager has begun pitching your song to our curator network. The selected curators review your song and decide if they want to add it to a playlist. 

1-5 business days

On average

Phase 3

Placement of your song

Your song has been placed on a playlist. It will remain there until the goal for your campaign has been reached. Enjoy the growth!

2 - 6 weeks

On average

I've been promoting my songs with YouGrow Promo for about 2 years and I can definitely say that they're by far the best Spotify playlist promotion company out there. Real and organic listeners and streams, and no bots! Their staff is super professional, knowledgeable and customer service and communication are fantastic. Since I started promoting my songs with YouGrow I noticed a significant increase in streams, saves, monthly listeners and followers."

- Marco Tulio

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Struggling to Break Through the Noise?

Increased visibility

Your tunes reach a wider audience, hitting thousands (or even millions!) of ears.

Want to get discovered more?


Featured on hot playlists, your music finds new listeners who'd otherwise miss out, boosting fan numbers.

Difficult to Find the Right Audience?

Algorithmic boost

Rock those playlists to show Spotify's algorithm your track is hot, landing you on personal playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

Struggling to find appreciation?

Credibility and validation

Landing on top playlists boosts your music's street cred, earning nods from listeners and pros alike.

Want to increase your reach?

Streaming numbers

Playlists mean more streams, more cash, and eyes from labels, agents, and managers.

Difficult to connect with the right people?

Networking goldmine

Link up with curators and fellow artists on playlists for networking that opens doors to cool collabs and partnerships.

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