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We plant at least one tree for every order you place!

At YouGrow, we believe that sustainability is the key to our future. That's why we partner with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees, create local jobs and help mitigate climate change.
For every order that you place, we will plant a tree. This way we can all work towards a better future, while doing something we all love. To keep track of your personal contribution to this goal, you can see the trees that you have personally helped plant, in your order dashboard.

Why trees matter

The trees we plant with Eden Reforestation Projects support wild life diversity, improve coastlines, provided meaningful wages to indigenous population and grow Mangrove trees which are an incredible carbon sink.

The impact of planting mangrove trees

Mangroves are unique ecosystems found throughout a wide range in the tropics and occupying the intertidal areas of more than 120 countries. Mangroves, and coastal wetlands in general, are globally important for the many services they provide to humans and the planet. These services include protection against storm surges, sheltering nurseries for fish and other marine life, providing building materials, firewood, and providing critically important services to stabilizing the global climate as an important store of carbon.

Trees planted

Start your campaign and plant your tree with us!

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