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Explosive, organic YouTube growth.

Gain more followers, receive more comments, make your videos go viral. You deliver great videos, we make people watch them.

How it works

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You submit your video.

Whether you have a music video, lyric video or an audio upload, we can push it!

We create a highly optimized ad campaign.

We carefully target your campaign in order to deliver high engagement rates and audience retention.

We optimize the ad and skyrocket the growth.

Once the ads have been approved, we begin slowly and steadily in order to optimize the target points with the data we collect. Once the target is ready, we allow the campaign to pick up speed. 

You will receive a campaign report.

We will keep you updated on the various stages of your campaign. Once the campaign has concluded you will receive a final report from us.


Happy Clients

Clients rate us with 4.8 stars on TrustPilot. Are you next?

Find the right package for you.

Get ready to take YouTube by storm.


Kickstart your music videos into the world of YouTube.
5K-8K highly targeted views
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication


Our most popular package. Get more views and subscribers.
10K-15K highly targeted views
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication

Rising Artist

Give your career a great boost with the Rising Artist package!
20K-30K highly targeted views
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication


For serious artists who want to skyrocket their careers.
55K-75K highly targeted views
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication

Zero risk: All packages come with a 100% refund guarantee in case we can't get enough video views for your channel or video.

The #1 YouTube growth service that delivers.

For aspiring YouTubers who want more predictable, rapid growth.

YouTube Experts

We know the YouTube algorithm inside out - and how to drive results for your channel.

Established Team

Most music growth services are small resellers. We have a big team of experts to work with you.


We have grown 100's of channels (views, subscribers, likes and comments).

Stars Work With Us

Akon, Becky G, Spinnin' Records and other world-class superstars trust YouGrow.

Zero-Bot Tolerance

Unlike 99% of all services out there, we use absolutely zero bots to grow your brand.

Save Time

Don't worry about growth. Focus on what you love: making videos. We do the rest.

Zero risk

If we can't deliver results for your genre, you get your money back.

100% real TrustPilot reviews from artists who bought our YouTube growth service:

Mike Wells

"YouGrow, both on YouTube and Spotify, has been and continues to build an audience for my stuff. And they are just great to work with. Build a relationship with these guys. You won’t regret it."

Bernard Chalcner

"Knowing that I can call them personally and someone always picks up was the first hint that they were a legit service. then after testing a YouTube campaign I was blown away with the results and they also gave me a lot of useful information on what kind of user interacted best with my music, etc."

Michael Cullen III

"YGP is legitimate, full of REAL listeners, REAL people answering emails and best of all - reasonable pricing.

After going to you grow promo i wont be going to any other site again for my spotify needs, same with youtube!"


"What can i say? Probably the best team out here [for music promotion]. No fake streams no fake boost to cheat your money!"


What kind of view - Like ratio can I expect?

There is no definite answer to this question as this depends entirely on the community’s reaction to the song. A typical campaign usually results in at least 100 likes per 10k views, which is deemed “average” by YouTube/Google.

How long will it take to finish the campaign?

This depends on the size of the campaign of course, but we try to execute the campaign as quickly as possible. We will work with you directly in order to ensure the campaigns are being executed quickly, while focusing and prioritizing efficiency and growth. We prefer to deliver 5k views per day with great engagement ratios, than 8k with less-great engagement ratios (Even though that 5k is usually more expensive per-view/click).

Can explicit content be promoted?

This depends on HOW explicit the content is. Showing nudity, drug use, blood/gore, violence, etc will have Google disapprove your ad for “Shocking” or “Adult” content. However, light swearing or brief/mildly suggestive content generally still gets approved. If you aren't sure if your song will be approved, feel free to email us!

How long will it take for the service to start?

The only step of this process that is out of our hands is the review process carried out by Google. It generally takes about 2-5 days for an ad to be approved. That being said, we’ve seen ads get approved within a few hours while some take as long as 2 weeks.

Will my content continue to grow after the service?

Of course! This is the whole idea behind our service. We don't want to simply push your song, we want to push your entire channel via that song. The goal is to gain subscribers who then continue to engage with your content both past and future. That being said, our formula delivers high audience retention (typically 60%+) and engagement, which further drives YouTube’s algorithm to place your video in the “Suggested Videos” tab. This boost to the algorithm helps ensure your video continues to grow long after the campaign has been completed.

Not many people have the budget to promote every single song they release and we understand this. We see artists everyday who promote single songs to baseless viewers which simply results in a number, rather than dedicated fans (even if the promo is organic!!). The beauty of YouTube is the ability to engage directly with the people visiting your content and to explain your vision in the description. This interaction is essential to growing your brand. Therefor, we do not see You Grow as a means of promoting your song; we see You Grow as a promotional strategy to promote your brand and build a fan base VIA a song. Yes, you will attain a considerable number of views with our service, but the true benefit lies with the fans you gain as a result.


Raving fans are about to discover your videos soon.

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+31 6 18645554

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