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Use Instagram Reels as a brand-new way to promote your music!

With over 100K releases per day, it is hard to get your music heard. Reels are a great way to build awareness for your music to stand out!

How to get started within a minute

1. Select your preferred campaign size

Fair pricing

Secure checkout

Receive a PDF invoice

2. We start to work on  your order

Dedicated campaign manager

Fast communication

3. Influencer(s) post Reels videos using your song

100% Legit (No Bots!)

Reach 1000's of real listeners

Chances of going viral when more people start to use your song in their Reels videos

4. Enjoy the growth & interact with the listeners!

Receive a full campaign performance overview

Earn royalties from the views via your distribution / label

Find the right package for you.


15k+ guaranteed listeners
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication


40k+ guaranteed listeners
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication

Rising Artist

75k+ guaranteed listeners
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication


150k+ guaranteed listeners
100% organic growth
Lightning-fast communication

Zero risk: All packages come with a 100% refund guarantee in case we can't get enough listeners for your song.

Case Study

Instagram Superstar Campaign

Price: 597 USD
We delivered:


10.000+ Likes



How does the promotion work?

Our Instagram Reels promotion is quite similar to our Spotify promotion. Once we receive your song, we pitch it to our network of creators who then create videos with your music, which generate hype around your track and encourage other creators to use your music simply out of influence from the original creator.

What do you mean with guaranteed listeners?

We will link your music to an influencer or to several influencers that will make a video using your song. This can be as background music or sometimes they play it out loud. The influencers have a big fanbase which who potentially watch the video, and hear your song. This helps to get your track heard by lots of people on Instagram. 

How do I get my music on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok?

In order to get your music on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more you have to do it through a distributor. For instance via IndieMassive.

How long does the promotion take?

After purchasing Instagram promotion we need 1-2 business days to pitch the song to our network of creators who then require an additional 1-4 business days to create their content and publish it. Once the videos are live, the majority of views will come in the following few days.

How can I find the URL of my song on Instagram?

1) Open Instagram and search for your artist name and song title.

2) Select 'Audio' as category.

3) Click on the song and then click on the 3 dots (right corner of the screen) to copy the link.

Why was my song refunded?

If, for some reason, we can’t find the right fit for your song then we’ll provide a full refund within 1-2 business days.

Is your service legit?

YouGrow is dedicated to nurturing real fan engagement. Delivering legitimate views is very important to us.  We have a big network of creators to whom we tailor your music depending on the genre or style, and with whom we keep constant communication. Therefore we can make sure that your song is placed on relevant videos.

Will my content continue to grow after the service?

It is very likely. This is the whole idea behind our service. We don't want to simply push your song, we want to push your entire brand via that song. The goal is to gain fans  who then continue to engage with your content both past and future.

We do not see YouGrow as a means of promoting your song; we see YouGrow as a promotional strategy to promote your brand and build a fanbase VIA a song. Yes, you will attain a considerable number of views with our service, but the true benefit lies with the fans you gain as a result.


Link your music with our influencers on Instagram

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