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We offer 2 different services to be able to cater to both musicians and all other TikTok creators.

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For any TikTok creator that is looking to grow their TikTok videos and profile


Promotion is done with highly targeted video ads


Targeted to highly relevant users who will engage with your content


For musicians who want to promote their music on TikTok


Influencers will post high-quality videos with your music


Huge network of exceptional, high-quality influencers

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TikTok Video and Account Promotion

TikTok Video and Account Promotion is a service that can be used by any TikTok creator, no matter content they make. We use highly optimized targeted ads, that are placed in front of relevant users on the "for you" page.  This strategy allows us to build real fans and deliver unreal engagement even on the smallest campaigns. Musicians can also use this service to boost their videos.

TikTok Influencer Music Marketing

With the TikTok Influencer Music Marketing service, we pitch your TikTok sound (your song) to our network of exceptional US and European TikTok creators. They will then create high-quality videos with your music and post them on their profiles. Through the videos the creators make using your sound, we have seen our client's sounds go viral, trending, and amassing millions of views.

We are Trustpilot's #1 ranked company for "Music Management and Promotion"

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